General articles of interest to dialysis and renal failure patients

This section lists some more general articles that you might be interested in. They will always be related to dialysis in particluar or renal failure patients in general. You may also find this Kidney Dialysis News Blog of interest.

Body shape - apple or pear - and renal failure

Did you know that your body shape can affect your chances of renal failure?

Nocturnal Dialysis - help me make it through the night

A gentler way to undergo dialysis with several patient benefits.

Lupus nephritis and renal failure

If left untreated, lupus nephritis can lead to kidney failure. Learn more about lupus, and whether dialysis is inevitable or how it can be avoided.

Potassium in the diet of dialysis patients

Be careful what you eat. Potassium is in many food substances, and it's important to learn which ones to avoid.


A disease that can lead, in extreme cases, to kidney failure. But what is it?

Dialysis patients given the wrong drugs

A shocking report after some recent research. Surely the doctors should have known what they were doing?

Analgesics and the kidneys

Some general advice about pain-killers for those with renal failure, but also very applicable to everyone else as well.


How earthquakes and bombings lead to renal failure. Yes, that's what can happen!

Kidneys and your bones - Renal Osteodystrophy

Explains how kidney failure can affect your bones.

Vitamin E and muscle cramps during dialysis.

Summarises the results of some research on treatment for cramp.